India Vs New Zealand Second Test: Preview and Betting Tips

After being triumphant over India in their first test in Wellington, the Black Caps have their eyes set on a second victory. Aiming for a complete whitewash (or black, pun intended), New Zealand is all set to prove their mettle to the Indians at Christchurch. Here is how the match is expected to pan out. You need to understand that these are mere estimations and predictions that have been backed by either core statistics or raw probability. Either way, these are the few events that might take place in the second test, and you may consider these before placing your bets.

The Wagons Will be Released

Neil Wagner is expected to be back. Rightly hailed as an “absolute machine”, Wagner is expected to be back and guns blazing. This simply means that Kyle Jamieson, who took four wickets in the previous match, might just have to sit out the second test. For the ardent punter who has invested a fair bit in online betting, India might seem to be at a disadvantage because of this beastly figure. Expect him to be ever so dominant, and take at least three wickets each innings, if not more.

The Ishant Injury Factor

Dream leagues and predictions might be a tricky affair, but it does not take rocket science or core mathematics to understand the loss of Ishant Sharma taking a grave turn for the Indians. The most likely replacement for Sharma is Umesh Yadav—Saini is too inexperienced for this serious venture. However, considering that Sharma has performed well in the past few months, this is going to prove to be a serious issue for the visitors—if not a debacle due to the inconsistency of Yadav. Expect this to go either way—a victory or a major cataclysm.

Kane Williamson, The Man, The Myth, The Legend

There is not an ounce of doubt regarding Kane Williamson—his credibility is unquestionable, for he might just be the best test batsman this generation has witnessed. His statistics are mind-boggling, and he is rightly the best that the Black Caps have to offer. Expect him to be as consistent as he generally is, making a century if not two—yes, he can be that good. If you want assured returns on your wagers, and maybe a great profit too, Williamson is your man.

Skip(per) Out on Kohli, Just This Time

As much as we would like to ask you to wager on Kohli as much as you can, with a heavy heart we urge you to skip the idea, for this series only. Kohli has not been great, not in his own terms, at least, and we do not expect him to be outstanding in the second test either. The playing conditions do not particularly suit his style. There is a very slight chance of Kohli turning out to be brilliant, but you are much better off placing betting wagers on Williamson than Kohli, just this time.

Southern Bolt

Tim Southee and Trent Boult are possibly one of the most infamous names in the Indian camp—with their consistency, incredible pace, and of course, great understanding of the pitch and weather conditions, expect them to be ever so dominant in the field. The visitors are bound to have a tough time with their batting, so do not expect them to make a grand total.

Rahane, Ray of Hope

If you are hellbent on placing a wager on any Indian Batsman, Rahane should be your pick. Mayank Agarwal might have been decent with the bat in the first test, but Rahane is the sole ray of hope when it comes to the matchat Christchurch. Expect Rahane to put in a serious fight and hold his own when it comes to Indian batting, and whatever little the visitors end up scoring, expect Rahane to have the maximum contribution.

To Conclude—Sorry Indians

As much as the Indian would like to place high wagers on their countrymen, the good punter who has thoroughly analysed the game knows how poorly the Indians are stacked up at Christchurch. The good punter knows how well the Black Caps are familiarised with the playing conditions, and how they are bound to make the most of it. New Zealand has a high chance of winning the entire series effortlessly, and the second test at Christchurch should be a valid proof of things to come. If you want to make decent profits here, place your wagers on marked New Zealand players. Skip out on the Indian wagers this one time.

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